What Typical Christian Center Care Looks Like – Spokane Events

The Christian Center

Pregnancy and Family Care Centre: Offers assistance to those facing issues related to parenting or pregnant. The Earn while you Learn program gives clothing and essentials for babies, as well as teaching the fundamentals of life and Biblical knowledge.

Children’s Shelter: Children of various backgrounds are cared for and guided in the direction of Christ.

The Samaritan’s Hotel: This is where families who are homeless can come to receive training and motivation to lead meaningful lives.

Men’s Residential Men who are struggling with the addictions to alcohol and drugs can be guided through this residential course to be able to overcome addictions.

Women’s Care Centre: Females leading a distressful life to sign up for this program to help steer their lives toward a positive direction.

Benevolence Center: This huge pantry supplies the equivalent of a week’s supply of food for 65 families every day.

The new Start Job Program: Aid is readily available to job seekers seeking work.

Community Medical Center The center is geared to those who are unable to afford healthcare insurance, or who aren’t eligible for the government-funded healthcare program.

The Lord has many ways of providing and the people who volunteer at the Christian centre help to provide by the Lord. juaquprorq.