What Kids Can Expect at the Dental Office – How To Stay Fit

Take a photo to the dentist. However, if they know the expectations and what to expect, they will be less scared. The video below will outline the basics children need to know about visiting the dentist.

The parent and child register at reception. They remain in the waiting room until a nurse contacts the parents to check in. A nurse takes both parents and their children into an exam room. They will follow up with them to ask questions regarding their medical history.

When the patient has been taken to an exam room After the patient has been placed in the exam chair, the hygienist is to inspect the patient’s area using an overhead lamp. In order to protect eyes children are provided with the sunglasses.

To check for cavity or plaque the dentist uses a probe and mirror. Once they’ve examined the mouth of the child, they will show the child how to clean your teeth correctly at home.

The dental hygienist polishes cleanses and loses the child’s teeth. To get a clearer look at the mouth area, X-rays must be taken. Everyone is required to take precautions and exit the room when the xrays have taken.

The child goes home in good overall health.