Tornado Outbreak Devastates Southern US – Entertainment News Today

ornadoes are often devastating. A cyclonic vortex creates a powerful windstorm that causes the roof to collapse. This can make roofers’ nightmares. It is still a blessing the roof hasn’t been torn up by the tornado. It is important to never think that nature isn’t powerful enough. In this video you’ll learn about an extremely destructive tornado storm that recently took place in Texas as well as Oklahoma.

The 21st of March saw more than 20 tornadoes hit the ground in the region between Texas in the state of Texas and Oklahoma. Many people fled for safety while roofs fell off truck and automobiles. As well as the storms, destructive hail dropped from the sky. The majority of residents are also without power because of the storms.

A tornado made its way towards an elementary school following it struck the ground in an isolated community. The storm, categorized as an EF3, had winds of 140 to 150 millimeters per hour. The gym’s roof was cut apart and collapsed inward. Thankfully, nobody was hurt since the entire group of kids was sitting in a tornado shelter. It’s worth it to be prepared. Important to not overlook the power of Mother nature.