The Unknown Danger to Roofs – Family Issues

can damage roofs. A storm could knock down a branch onto your roof. The shingles could be chewed by animals. Perhaps mold grows under the roofing. There is a undiscovered danger that could pose the greatest threat to your roofing and your family. Check out this video to find out more.

The roofing company you work for will need to be informed if your roofing is damaged due to derecho. Derechos are composed of extremely robust straight lines of wind. But, they’re much greater than just a gust of wind. They may last up to minutes. In this video, we will see a desecho approaching the small town of South Dakota. The man takes refuge in the fuel station as winds rip through the town. Derechos can reach speeds as high as 100 miles per hour . There was the average speed was 60 miles per hour. Imagine what this kind of constant wind can cause to an old roof. This is the reason why you should to ensure your roof has been checked and repaired prior to having it meet a risk as strong as this.