The Top 10 Handicap Scooters – Technology Radio

It’s not a secret that wheelchair scooters are vital for a large portion of the population in America. Watch our video to learn about a few among the top models.

Pride Revo 2.0 is built to last. It features both a USB charging port, as well as storage under the seat.
The eFOLDi Lite is next and has the ability to climb up a 1:15 slope thanks to the torque motor.
E-Pilot scooters are capable of moving up to 20 km per hour in complete darkness due to the bright lights in the front.
The Relync R1 is an excellent alternative that folds, and is a vital accessories for travel.
Jazzy Zero Turn can also be utilized to navigate narrow spaces thanks to its 38 inch turn radius.
Brio 4 Brio 4 features indigo suspension to help keep all four of its wheels on solid ground, regardless of terrain.
The Freerider F1 is elegant design and baskets that are either side for increased capacity for carrying.
Atto scooters are driven through a myriad of ways . They also have two front wheels for easier navigation.
Merits Yoga S542 features a high ground clearance, twin front wheels as well as a design that enhances balance.
In addition, the Quingo Air 2 has five wheels to help achieve tight turns while maintaining stabilities.
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