The Importance of Dental Care – Preventing Cavaties

the primary teeth become lost around age 12. The adult can have 32 permanent teeth in various dimensions and shapes. According to a YouTube clip entitled “Taking Good Care of My Teeth,” Sharp canines are utilized to break food, while premolars ‘ flat surfaces are ideal that can be used for crushing and tearing food. A large, flat surface on molars allows them to crush, chew, and grind.

Dental hygiene is vital as healthy teeth enhance your appearance and aid in chewing your food. How can maintain your dental health? The prevention of plaque is through regular brushing of your teeth. Plaque creates cavities in the teeth. These cavities result in tooth decay and gingivitis also known as gum disease.

You should brush your teeth twice a day and floss to remove food particles which could become stuck. If you don’t brush and floss frequently plaque may harden to tartar that a dentist has to remove.

Teeth that are healthy and clean are vital to an enjoyable, healthy lifestyle. The best way to take care of your teeth is by eating a nutritious diet, regular brushing of teeth and flossing, and regularly visiting a dentist. aue1bftppr.