The History of the Polaris Brand – Living History Worldwide

documenting the history of Polaris and was designed to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the snowmobile company. Polaris is a well-known name in the field of snowmobiling for a long time. Polaris dealerships in Michigan and throughout the USA are a popular spot when it comes to those looking to purchase their next buy.

Under the guidance of three brothers, Edgar Hetteen and Allen Hetteen (and David Johnson), Polaris Industries was born in the spring of 1954. Although they had already run a successful business by making and selling farm equipment, their biggest success was yet to be realized. This moment would happen the moment they built their first snowmobile in the year 1955.

This film will inform you about those who introduced the Polaris snowmobile out to the public. The documentary will tell you the stories of their journeys, victories along with their reactions from people. The Polaris snowmobile is featured in several commercials, from its very beginning through today.

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