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The ideal color for braces.
Braces are a great way to correct crooked or misaligned teeth. The traditional braces are noticeable because of the metal brackets.

Braces can now be customized by choosing from a variety of color options.

There are certain colors that you should choose from and some to not choose. Flexible rubber elastics that are fitted around brackets are available in a variety of hues. These ortho supplies are easily altered by patients when they see the dentist at their scheduled appointments.

Colors To Choose:
1. The dark colors make the teeth appear more attractive when compared to elastic ties.
2. If the natural shade of your teeth is dark you can choose from transparent or silver shades.

Colors To Avoid:
1. The brown and yellow hues make teeth appear stained
2. The white color will not give your teeth the appearance of being whiter. They will appear yellow in comparison to the white ties.
3. The braces appear like dark greens, as if they are stuffed with food.

The colors can be combined to symbolize holidays or other subjects.

Patients should pick a comfortable colour. i82zzaocxh.