Internet Hosting Made Simple – Small Business Magazine

You can do it, don’t worry. You ask the web designer to create a web page. Your website’s files will only be stored in the machine of the web designer however, not online. After that, you will transfer your site to a server that is connected to the internet. After this, your website will now be visible to all internet users. Web hosting is what we call it.

There are three kinds of web hosting services that users can select from. The three types are dedicated, shared as well as VPS hosting. The type of hosting that allows multiple sites to share one server is called”shared web hosting. Every website is hosted on the same server when they use distinct domain names. If you plan to host more than one website on one server, you need to upgrade to the next level of service.

But dedicated web hosting could be considered to be similar to shared hosting as each website is hosted on their private server. The resources you use are not shared with other sites. In addition, VPS, also known as virtual private server is a unique type of web hosting which allows you to manage multiple websites on one server. z6comvsghk.