How to Pick the Best Trailer Hitches for You – Andre Blog

If you are looking to low a camper, boat or trailer towing, you’ll require a trailer hitch. It is important to research the characteristics and functions of each hitch before you make a decision. Keep reading to learn about the common types of trailer hitches to help pick the best one for you.

There are two types of Class 1 trailer hitches. They are able to carry a maximum load of 2,000 pounds which is why they’re commonly found on small and medium-sized automobiles.

Another type of hitch is a class 2 trailer hitch. Class 2 hitches are equipped with an maximum gross weight limit of 3,5000 pounds. They tend to be used on all kinds of vehicles including small vehicles to SUVs.

A trailer hitch of class 3 will be the third. The maximum capacity for a trailer with this type of trailer hitch is 8,00 pounds. These hitches are usually found in full-size cars, such as vehicles that are full-size and pickup trucks. In terms of their towing capabilities can tow, they’re ideal for family pop-up campers or boats.

For more information on the different types of trailer hitches, watch the video above!