How to Make Your Own Minecraft Server – Infomax Global

A server. This will provide you with the most recent version of the have that you require. Create a folder in it and drag there downloaded file into it.

The folder is opened and you can choose the server.jar file. The server will show Ne files. Edit this EULA file. Change “eula=false” into “eula=true”. Click on server.jar to include any additional documents.

The server logs will be displayed in a new window. You should wait until you receive an error message that says the server is finished. The server has now been re-connected. Go back to and click on the right-click option to open Notepad. This will show you the game settings that you can alter to match your liking, and even the name of your server.

The server must be kept running with this screen running during the time you play Minecraft in order to make your tweaks remain. To make any changes to the even while the ser.jar is running, you’ll have to shut down the file afterwards, you need to click on ser.jar next time.

It may sound complex, but all it takes is some practice to set up and modify the settings of your personal Minecraft server. To learn more about setting up the Minecraft server, just click this video.