How Does IT Equipment Recycling Work? – Technology Magazine

IT equipment can be recycled via the IT Equipment Recycling process. Read on to learn the process for IT recycling of equipment works.

Your old computer may seem as if it’s a pile of rubbish. But, it is really a treasure-trove of rare metals. It contains copper and silver and the circuit board is packed with gold. These precious metals are the conductors which carried electric signals around your computer back to it when it functioned.

When you decide to reuse your computer or any other tech in general, the device is taken apart and sent to an organization or plant to recover precious metals. The outer case is removed then the cables unplugged and removed until processors and chips remain inside the computer.

The processors are the simplest element of computers to recycle because they are constructed of only gold and ceramic. To reuse the processors a mix of hydrochloric acid and nitride acids is employed for separating both the precious metal and the ceramic.

Check out the video below to find out details about IT recycle of equipment.