Gold Golems That Chase Rabbits? Check Out This Minecraft Mod – CEE News

Stuff about anything. Mods can be added on everything, from planes to animals. Mods like these are constantly released. Recently, though, I have noticed one mod that stands out for me. This mod is called Gold Rush. You are able to share this mod to your friends and colleagues by hosting your own Minecraft server at MelonCube.

Gold Rush is a Java Minecraft Forge mod that brings many new objects and crafting recipes revolving around gold. It is also possible to find gold in oceans and rivers. For gold to be found one has to do is dig in the sand. Gold nuggets are then able to be crafted into sheets of gold when you combine several of them on a crafting table. The golden golem by mixing these sheets with other nuggets or ingots. The golden golem is smaller than iron is much more lovable. They can chase out angry crowds. They’ll chase down rabbits to try and embrace them. Minecraft mods are amazing.