Cleaning Your Dryer Duct – Diy Index

A variety of other problems other issues that could cost you time as well as money. Cleaning the dryer ducts Failure to take care of or both of these can cause serious problems.

Take note of the following consequences for failing to clean the dryer vents of your home:

*Time-If dryer ductwork doesn’t get cleaned at least one time per year, your clothes will dry in multiple cycles. Your dryer needs to remove damp, hot air from your clothing.
Dirty ductwork can cause clothes to dry out too quickly inside the dryer. It will cause more wear on clothes and dryer strain, and this can cause greater frequency of replacement.
* Fire Safety- Each year, houses are destroyed or damaged by dryer fires. Unclean dryer vents could lead to excessive heat , causing the lint in your home to catch fire.

To guarantee your dryer’s safety and performance, you should make it the habit of regularly cleaning your dryer’s vents at a minimum each calendar year. Learn what you can do to make the quality of your laundry by talking with a local vent cleaner or home appliance stores.