Bullet-Proof Windows, Do They Really Work? – Vacuum Storage

that. Window that is able to catch or repels bullets in during flight is what many people imagine when they buy bullet resistant commercial glass for their home. However, how do you confirm this to be the fact? Does a glass object really resistant to shattering? Even when hit by bullets. It’s true that a lot of people are asking the same thing. Through many experiments and tests with bullet-resistant glass, this video provides the facts.

To begin, the bulletproof film will typically to be about double the thickness of your normal window film. The bulletproof film isn’t actually glass but rather a vinyl sheet which you apply on top. For break-ins, these combos of vinyl and glass are effective in stopping home invasions from a weapon. A bullet can only be held back by a huge pieces of glass (about 1 – 2 inches) or “bulletproof wrap. It is not enough to deter a gunshot from a gun with a small caliber. Perhaps you should reconsider whether you’re interested only in bullets and not impenetrable glasses.