A Guide to Diabetic Foot Care – Andre Blog



People with diabetes can experience issues on their feet like nail discolorationor loosening and dry skin. If you’re diabetic it is important that your feet remain treated to moisture. If you experience excessive drying or nail discoloration, make an appointment with your podiatrist early instead of later.

Diabetes patients may develop diabetic neuropathy. It can result in the sensation of burning or tingling as well as foot pain. Diabetes patients should avoid walking barefoot. They need to wear supportive and protective footwear so that they do not aggravate the neuropathy symptoms further.

If there is neuropathy in the feet of patients, they should stay clear of foot baths. This could cause burns, as the person won’t have the capacity to recognize the temperature. A person could soak their feet too longand soften the skin, increasing the risk of injuries.

If they are concerned that their foot has been damaged, diabetics must immediately consult with their doctor. It is possible that the patient will not feel any discomfort and must be seen by a doctor to prevent further injury. For more details, click on the image above.